From the 20th to the 22nd of August 2017, the BERNEXPO site once again becomes a meeting point for the retail trade. Exhibitors from various sectors presented products and new ideas, which are a pleasure for the specialist audience as well as private individuals.

The Swissflora team was represented with a booth and was delighted by numerous visitors. The extremely positive feedback from the trade fair visitors to our product range is very much appreciated. It confirms to us the uniqueness and beauty of our preserved flowers.



Swissflora at the Ornaris in Bern, August 2017

Swissflora: Participation in the Zuger Kantonalbank project, June 2017

In June 2017, Swissflora pursued the goal of providing an interactive "3D herbarium", combined with a digital herbarium under a solar tree, in cooperation with the cantonal canton of Zug.

A conventional herbarium from dried and pressed "herbar leaves" is not only nurturing and cost intensive but also can not be sustained over several periods of time: the flowers lose their natural shape and color. Such a classic herbarium is not contemporary and less attractive. The "3D Herbarium" technology from Swissflora allows a true, fresh flower to be conserved in natural shape and color. The natural beauty of the flower is preserved through a special process for years and will give you much pleasure and amazement.


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real dandelion embedded in resin

fresh hibiscus preserved in resin

Latest creations by Swissflora in autumn 2017

These are our newest specimens from autumn 2017: chrysanthemums in different colors conserved in a glass ball of 80mm diameter.

fresh chrysanthemum captured in resin

real chrysanthemum preserved in resin

fresh chrysanthemum encapsulated  in resin


Swissflora in the gallery Malte Frank in Zug

Since november 2017 our conserved flowers are exhibited in the gallery Malte Frank in Zug.


Grabenstrasse 1a

CH-6300 Zug


Swissflora in the Glasi Hergiswil

Since October 2017 our conserved flowers are exhibited in the Glasi in Hergiswil.

Hergiswiler Glas AG

Seestrasse 12

6052 Hergiswil am See


Swissflora in the "Zuger Zeitung" in december 2017

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Real dandelion in resin

The newest specimen: Dandelion preserved in resin. Genuine Swiss dandelion, hand-picked on the regional meadows around Zug. The dandelion is embedded by the unique and newly developed technology in a polymer formulation and thus captures the transience of spring. The dandelion is conserved in great detail and brings old and young to wonder.


Latest creations by Swissflora in autumn 2017

These are our newest specimens from autumn 2017: chrysanthemums in different colors conserved in a glass ball of 80mm diameter.

fresh dandelion preserved in resin

Seasonal flowers in spring 2018

Our seasonal, newest copies in spring 2018: beautiful tulips in all colors and unique daffodils. An ideal gift for the upcoming Mother's Day. We are happy to preserve flowers according to your wishes.

fresh dandelion embedded in resin

real dandelion encapsulated in resin

Summer Collection 2018

Our latest collections from summer 2018:

- beautiful gerberas in different colors. The attention to detail is very well brought to bear.



- the helvertic flower: Edelweiss from breeding. The subtleties are very nice to recognize.


- roses: forever preserved in resin


fresh gerbera captured in resin

fresh edelweiss embedded in resin

fresh edelweiss  captured in resin

real edelweiss preserved in resin

real rose encapsulated in resin

fresh rose embedded in resin

real rose captured in resin

Winter 2018

The Swissflora team strives to constantly improve processes. In the winter of 2018, we were able to achieve even better stability of our products. The different flower colors are preserved with this new method even better in their natural color depth. From this winter collection these are the newest specimens: the beautiful musk-mallow and the hibiscus flower:



The Swissflora team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



fresh Moschus-Malve captured in resin

real hibiscus captured in polymer resin

real Moschus-Malwe captured

in polymer resin


real gerbera preserved in resin

Spring Collection 2019

Our latest spring 2019 specimen: gerbera, tulips and roses. The colors are beautifully preserved and the details are very easy to recognize. An ideal Mother's Day gift that will never be forgotten.



fresh gerbera captured in resin

real tulip captured in polymer resin

wild rose captured in polymer resin

preserved true gerbera in resin

Summer collection 2019

The latest creation in the summer of 2019: various flowers such as forget-me-not, Edelweiss and many more with a colorful background. This way, the different flowers are even more effective. The balls are extremely decorative and present themselves very well as jewelry.



Christmas collection 2019

Exclusive Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree by Swissflora. Balls with real flowers of different colors. This will astonish your visit.



real edelweiss in polymer resin

real tulip captured in polymer resin

fresh gerbera captured in resin

fresh enzian captured in resin

fresh edelweiss captured in resin

fresh small crysantheme captured in resin

fresh meadow flower in resin

fresh grain flower captured in resin